Is Your Information Technology Audit Ready?

When most people think of an audit, they think of CPAs, binders and pocket protectors. Not all audits are created equal! Whether you are in a regulated industry or not, you may wish to have your technology function in “audit ready” mode. Being “audit ready” is a simple way of stating that you have reviewed all of your technology functions, identified potential risks and addressed those risks appropriately for your industry, size and complexity. IT does not mean you are threat proof, but it does force you through the exercises many companies overlook or refuse to address because they think they are too small or do not have the time/resources.

There are many online resources that can help you guide yourself through such an exercise and, of course, there are third parties, like ProNexus, who can also guide you. Some helpful online tools include thorough questionnaires such as those provided on, as well as others. These free online tools can get you started in the right direction and help make 2017 your best business year yet!


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Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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