Change Your Words, Change Your World

May 29, 2014




We use words every day to communicate, to express our feelings and thoughts, but we often forget how powerful they can be and how important it is to choose them with care if we wish to attract happiness and success.

I was inspired by the following video posted by The Power of Words, which really reaches into your soul and makes you feel something:

Change Your Words, Change Your World

Too often we aren’t inspired or moved enough to step out and truly decide to make a difference or go the extra mile for others. We hide behind fear and we miss opportunities to BE the change the world needs. It takes FAITH, it takes ACTION, and it takes PURPOSE.

We often underestimate the power of our words. Words can change any circumstance. You can speak life and restoration into a situation. You can change the direction of your future. You can bring new life and hope to a relationship by what you say.  You can take an idea that is not in existence today, and by the power of your words, you can shape, mold, and bring that idea to life. You can speak to a dream that is dormant, and bring it to life again. You can change the lives of those around you by speaking words of hope, faith, and encouragement!

Inspiration and tools help you to find your own true purpose and transform your life. Attracting prosperity and improving your relationships, to finding your true purpose and serving the world.

Author Joyce Meyer says “Speak on purpose and make your words count!”

Looking within yourself, you can find those words which are holding you back. The words you think and say out loud affect not only you but the people around you. Think about these empowering & victim words below…

Empowering Words Victim Words
I choose to… I can’t…
I get to… I have to…
I can… I am not good at…
I will… I don’t want to…
I have a chance to… I am not talented enough to…
I am allowed to… I need to…
I love to… I hate…


So what now? Where do we go from here? Change can be scary….but it’s necessary if we want to grow. Journalist Gail Sheehy quotes “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living!”

Let’s look at a few tricks about how we can live this life with purpose!


5 tricks to help you change your words/world:

Speak slowly, double the impact – Speaking more slowly can have dramatic effects. First, slowing down will give your inner judgment time to assess what you´re going to say. Second, it will make you easier to understand. Pausing momentarily between words – as public speakers do – helps you make your point dynamic and memorable.

Turn negatives into positives – When talking with your boss, it´s better to use words like “What I find inspiring is…” Not only will it make you feel better, but it will also promote happiness and positive feelings in the person you´re speaking to and get you the results you hope for.

Remember how words make you feel – At times, words do not have straight definitions; they have nuances. When you´re talking about money for example, replace words like “debt” or “poor” with words that remind of positive financial experiences, like “I have a wealth of experience that enriches the team”.

Replace “BUT” with “AND” – But is the ultimate limiting word, it´s just an excuse for not moving forward. Try changing the sentence from “I´d like to lose weight, BUT I hate exercise” (meaning impossible to lose weight I might just give up) to “I´d like to lose weight AND I hate exercise” (ok, how do I solve this problem, maybe doing exercise that I really like). The AND puts you in the driving seat and encourages action rather than impassivity.

Practice speaking with confidence – Borrow techniques from public speakers and engage your own positive thoughts around words. Just like a stage actor who’s learned a script, summoning up practiced speech is always easier. 

I hope these tricks impact your way of thinking and allow you to look for ways to change your world.  They are simple enough to incorporate into everyday life and big enough to make an impact on those around you.


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Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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