Companies In Transition: How to maintain productivity

At one point or another, companies will find themselves in transition. Whether this is due to personnel turnover, moving of operations, hiring freezes, downsizing or layoffs, it can prove to be a difficult time to maintain productivity.

We have successfully helped many companies through the growing pains of their business, creating “out of the box” solutions. We can help you navigate through any change when you need the expertise and skills to do it correctly.

Below are some highlighted engagements whereby ProNexus was able to help our clients work through these transitions. With our ability to react quickly, offer flexible solutions and use our vast resources including those of our strategic partners, we have found this to be one of our niche markets. Please keep us in mind!

Merger Creates A Short Term Interim Need In Finance:

  • Client: Rural Nonprofit Healthcare Facility
  • Requirement: Loan Staff Augmentation – Financial Analyst

Client Moves Location Due To Merger & ProNexus Assists with the Transition

  • Client: Large Public Defense Company
  • Requirement: Loan Staff Augmentation – Financial Analyst

Reduced ERP Implementation Risk Through Project Management Services

  • Client: Small Private Manufacturer
  • Requirement: Consulting & ERP Solutions

ProNexus Saves Client Money During Merger Integration Due To IT Assessment

  • Client: Large Private Commercial Bank
  • Requirement: Consulting & Interim Management Services – IT Assessment & Interim Compliance Officer


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Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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