How to Relax Before a Big Job Interview.

Feb 13, 2019




Written by: Carly Julien, ProNexus Consultant


Reduce your stress level by being organized ahead of time:

  • Drive out to the company the day before.
  • Print copies of your resume and have your outfit planned.
  • Make sure you get a good night sleep and eat a healthy meal beforehand.
  • Exercise is also a great way to calm your nerves.

Do your due diligence.

The more you prepare for an interview, the less stressed you will be.

  • Make sure you research the company and study the job description.
  • Have a list of questions to ask the interviewer about both the job and the company. At the end of every interview there is always the question “do you have any questions for me?” so make sure that you do.
  • If you are meeting with multiple people, make sure you save some questions for each person.
  • It is also good to jot down a couple of key points that you want the interviewer to know about you.

Be Yourself.

If you were interviewing someone, you would want them to be themselves. No one wants to hear phony rehearsed responses in an interview that someone looked up online ahead of time. So, take a deep breath, talk slow and make sure to smile.

Sometimes personality can get you the job over experience. Also remember they called you so clearly, they saw something in your application/resume that qualifies you for the job.

Even if you don’t get the job, every interview is a good learning experience for the next one!

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