Top Reasons To Be A Consultant

Mar 05, 2014




In today’s complex, ever-changing and highly regulated business environment, companies are doing more work with fewer resources. Overtime is becoming the norm, service levels and quality deteriorating, projects repeatedly deferred, and managers regularly handling day-to-day tasks. More and more we are seeing companies relying on external resources and consultants to assist with mission critical projects and initiatives. If you’ve ever thought about consulting, now would be the time!

Here are a few great reasons to get started:

Embrace your Entrepreneurial Spirit

As a consultant you get paid by the hour!  Think about the time you spend per week as a salaried employee; now imagine getting paid for all that time.  Wouldn’t it be nice to increase your income for hours worked versus salary?  In addition, you can create a business around your unique skillset!

To Be Your Own Boss

As a consultant, you’re in control!  You dictate your hours and make your own schedule.

Re-Route Your Career

As a consultant, you can re-gain control of your career.  Not only can you choose which projects to work on, but consulting can also help to diversify your background which prevents you from becoming stale in your skillset.

Free Yourself from Office Politics and Bureaucracy

One of the most common causes for stress and dissatisfaction in the workplace is office politics and bureaucracy.  As a consultant, you know that your long term ambitions lay beyond this specific client, so it’s easier to avoid involving yourself in office drama.  Being a consultant won’t necessarily keep you from being affected by politics, but with some tact you can largely avoid any situation that would put you directly in the firing line and let you concentrate on what’s important: keeping your customer happy.  It’s an ideal way to free yourself from the bureaucracy of business while staying engaged with challenging short- or long-term consulting projects.

Mobility & Travel

As a consultant, enjoy project variety while avoiding getting tired of being in one place too long. You can also choose to look for engagements that allow you to move to another state or country.


If you’re looking for quality projects — while maximizing your time and increasing utilization, consulting is for you! Consulting helps maintain a work-life balance, creating a schedule and workload that suits your family’s needs.  With consulting you have a Choice — who, what, when, where and how much!

Diverse and Interesting Work

Consultants can choose from a variety of project work, workplace environments, and opportunities to grow their professional skills.

Be Compensated for your Worth!

As a consultant you can set your own consulting fee rates that make you feel like the work you do is valued. Consulting can also be taken on as a second job, which can give you an income stream outside your regular job. This can also be used to supplement your retirement income.

Recession Proof

Consulting often remains lucrative in spite of economic downturns. When the economy in an area starts to slow, employers are less willing to take on the long-term costs of a full-time employee, and they look for consultants instead. When the economy is going well, companies expand and build new products which may be beyond the capacity of their current staff. You may sometimes need to travel or even relocate if things get bad in your geographic area, but there is almost always work somewhere.


The project-based nature of consulting means you’ll work with many people during your career and your reputation will become critical.  Over time you’ll learn to blend into any organization — a skill that will serve you well no matter what you do in the future.


Liberate yourself from all the red tape and start lining up projects!

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Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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