ERP System Modernization Assessment

This assessment was designed to help you evaluate if a modernization of your current ERP System is recommended for you. 

Things to consider when evaluating an upgrade or replacement:

  • ERP systems have undergone a world of change and have added many new capabilities.  

  • Increasing misalignment between your current ERP system and your changing business requirements is a driving factor in updating and/or replacing your ERP.

  • Your business has grown and needs a more capable enterprise resource planning system.

The higher your total assessment score, the less likely you need to modernize your current business applications.

ERP upgrades are a large investment, which means business leaders need to complete a thorough assessment of their current solution and build a list of supporting reasons for why an upgrade is necessary. If you do move forward, you’ll want a project plan and an ERP upgrade checklist, all of which ProNexus can provide guidance on.

The general scoring tiers and actions we recommend will be sent to you once you complete the assessment.

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