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Imagine working in an organization where the day to day operating model promoted short-term decisions at the cost of long-term relationships.

Imagine quality, service, culture, and treating people fairly were sacrificed for the sake of profitability and individual bonuses.

We came from Fortune 500 consulting firms much like this, where gross margin was the number one concern.  This created a culture where clients were billed at very high rates and consultants were paid below market.  In addition, there was zero support to the local communities that we serve.  We can personally attest to how difficult it is to feel good about the service you are providing when entrenched in this culture.

So we decided to create a different kind of firm.

One that puts people first. One that takes on clients’ problems like its own. One that treats every client and consultant like family—with fairness, courtesy, respect, and integrity. One made up of experienced professionals who are easy to work with and responsive to any need. One that puts the weight of the entire firm behind every engagement.

We called it ProNexus. “Pro” for professional and “Nexus,” the Latin term for “connection.” Because connecting clients with the professional services that solve their business problems is exactly what we do.

Since inception, our ProNexus operating model has consisted of three core values:

  • “Give Local, Buy Local” – give back to the local communities in which we live, and invest back in that community by supporting other local businesses
  • Treat our clients, consultants, employees and strategic partners like family
  • Solve clients’ finance, accounting and IT challenges while creating more jobs locally and supporting the local economy

We’ve stood by these values since day one, which has enabled us to not only achieve success in our business, but empowered us to feel proud of the service we provide and the firm that we’ve become.

To us, it’s simple: do things the right way, for the right reasons, and good things will follow.

And whether you work with us or for us, we promise you’ll get nothing less than the best from all of us.

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Rafael Vidal,
Co-Founder & President
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Robert Pickering,
Co-Founder & Sr. EVP

Executive Leadership Team

Rafael Vidal, CPA

Co-Founder & President

Robert Pickering, CPA

Co-Founder & Sr. EVP

Kate Kenney

Vice President & Partner, ProNexus USA

Regional Leaders

Donald Gavagan

ProNexus East Michigan

Jeff Cyr

ProNexus East Michigan

Client Service Team

Eileen Messana

Vice President of Operations

& Executive Search

Kimberly Rzepka

Manager of Operations

& Client Service

Kaitlin Alfvin


Kristy Mottler


Seth Miller



Erin Biegel

Manager of

Client Services (NYC)

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