The Strength of Experience and ProNexus

Written By: ProNexus Consultant, Bob Andler

As many of us progress through our careers and gain varied experiences and skillsets, we are often challenged personally by the question, what is my value add to this process? We see younger analyst who have grown up with computers and software displaying a mastery of software skills that in truth could be construed at times as intimidating. We see new ideas in terms of processes and skills, different from those we have utilized and depended on over our careers. We sometimes experience frustration with those who we manage due to the difference in generational views that come to the forefront on approaches to problems and commitment to deliverables. Yes, it can be challenging.

Now what we must remember is that we have a skill that carries more value that we often realize, EXPERIENCE. We often tell those we work with stories about our experiences when we see an issue or challenges arise. How did we approach the challenge, what encumbrances or roadblocks did we encounter and how did we find solutions that addressed these and allowed us to meet management expectations. Over our careers we have had to think inside and outside the box of conventional approaches; and how did these approaches work? When they came up short, what did we do next? These workplace and life experiences when applied to today’s problems more often than not give us a roadmap to follow and a launch point to begin working a solution. Experience is a hard-fought skill that when retained, remembered and applied, consistently over time makes each of us the modern version of a GOOGLE search that drives solutions, productivity and deliverables as required.

What ProNexus offers us is an opportunity to utilize this unique skillset in a successful venue where we can be seen as a value add to the process and a respected resource that earns a return on the investment our clients ask for, need and deserve. Remember, any analyst can calculate tables in Excel, prepare Pivot Tables and V Look Up cross references, it takes a knowledgeable practiced manager to bring the value of their experiences and solutions to an issue and find the correct path to deliver.

Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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