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Business Intelligence (BI) Transformation Assessment

Client: Private Used Car Dealership

Requirement: Financial Planning & Analysis

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Business Situation:

Our client’s competition, with their successful implementation of new processes and technologies, has separated themselves taking a strong lead in the industry. In response to the market changes, our client’s leadership team decided to redefine their strategy and make a great investment in a specific area of the business.

The company has an aggressive plan to grow the business by 10X in 1-2 years per this newly defined strategy. Part of the plan is not only to launch a super facility (early 2023) but to consolidate all sites process and technologies to increase operational efficiency and dataflow in support of enormous growth in volume.

Currently, the client spends much time pulling data from various systems and 3rd party sources. They sometimes pull up to 50,000 lines of data and use advanced excel tools to accomplish joins with other data sources. Some data is via API, but most are via tab-delimited or text files which require manipulation to get them into proper form. From there, the client has 400 or so management views of the data which are produced on a flash, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

ProNexus Solution:

ProNexus was engaged by the client to provide leadership (CFO/CEO) with an overview and assessment of the current state, highlight areas of the challenges and opportunities (immediate vs. long-term wins), and present a plan of action that addresses all areas and would fit within an aggressive timeline.

Overall, the objective was to provide guidance on how the company should go about the improvement of their level of business intelligence to assist and drive their strategy too success. ProNexus assigned a team to review and advise on their standard processes and integrated systems, data transparency, accuracy and timing of important information received – actionable insights.

In less than 30 days, ProNexus was able to interview each of the operational partners, including all locations, to collect system and process information and define use cases. ProNexus also worked with the CFO to understand the current state of the day-to-day reporting and information, including transparency to help highlight the challenges and opportunities.

Once the assessment phase was complete, ProNexus developed a current technical landscape document, conducted vendor research and provided the client with a current vs. future state recommendation for the business from a technology and process workflow perspective.

Ultimately, the client walked away satisfied with our efforts and with a playbook in hand. We anticipate, post the launch of their new super facility, being asked to come back onto the project, and help execute the strategy and transformation of the business through new processes and new technologies.

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