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To us it's simple...

"Do things the right way. For the right reasons. Good things will follow."



  Make finance as important and as profitable as any other functional area within your business.

Let us find the finance person you need


Business  and the financial reports. A workplace of the businessman.


Let your leaders concentrate on core business by letting our CFO and Controller Services professionals handle your expert finance and accounting responsibilities.

Chief Financial Officers play an important role in problem-solving, goal-setting and strategy development.

We get to know your business and can effectively provide the financial leadership you need without costing you the time and investment of training someone on the job. CFO and Controller Services are a cost-effective way to bring more skill, experience and solutions to your business - at a fraction of the cost of a full-time person.

Typical Engagements:

  • CFO or Controller Services: Interim, Outsourced, Fractional, or Transitional

  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

  • Development of Financial Policies, Procedures, and Controls

  • Business and Strategic Planning

  • Budgets, Forecasts, and Profitability Analysis

  • Internal or External Audit Preparation and Liason

  • Assist in Debt or Equity Financing

  • Investor and Board Representation

  • M&A Transaction Support

Whatever help you need, ProNexus experts can provide it!

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ProNexus, LLC

  • Defines the scope of work with the client

  • Provides client with a letter of intent

  • Limitless resource availability

  • Quickly assign a resource

  • Resources can be hired

  • Continuity

Big 4 / CPA Firm

  • CPA firm defines scope of work with the client

  • Provides client with a letter of intent

  • Limited resource availability

  • Slow to assign a resource

  • Resources can't be hired
  • Continuity


Staffing Firm

  • No scope of work-define skills/experience

  • Deliver multiple resumes based on keyword search

  • Resumes are not all necessarily qualified candidates

  • Continuity is at risk

CFR is due and ProNexus Steps In

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