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Improved cash flow. Lower costs. Better decision-making. Better technology. Financial expertise!


Outsourced Accounting Custom Pricing Assessment


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Outsourced accounting services can save you money (up to 50% over maintaining an in-house accounting staff), increase your cash flow, reduce your risk, gain flexibility, and give access to the latest software products and CPA/CFO level business oversight and advice. We provide industry, financial, and technology experts that provide insight for better decisions.



Why Outsourced Accounting with ProNexus?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a fast-growing business solution. Increasingly, businesses, both large and small, are turning toward outsourcing as their preferred solution - with accounting being one of the primary outsourced tasks.

ProNexus is a leader in providing Outsourced Accounting.

In fact, many business owners are finding that outsourcing provides a unique opportunity to receive accounting support from talented professionals without the added overhead associated with in-house resources.

Business owners face greater expectations for financial transparency and government compliance. All too often, businesses are juggling day-to-day responsibilities alongside more complex and time-consuming tasks such as finance, accounting, compliance, internal audit, and risk management. They are simply trying to do more with fewer resources.

ProNexus can help you do more and be more confident and clear about your business's financial health.

Our outsourced accounting team is made up of experts in industry-leading software platforms and possesses years of experience as Bookkeepers, Controllers, and CFOs in companies from all industries. 

Call us today at 585-662-2212, or take our FREE Outsourced Accounting Custom Pricing Survey above to see if outsourced accounting is right for your business.

Free Outsourced Accounting Whitepaper

When is the time to start really using your financial information to guide your business?

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Obtain a dedicated team providing your organization with advanced bookkeeping and accounting – a virtual accounting department, designed specifically for you.


Let us improve your cash flow and provide you a disciplined month-end close, financial reporting oversight, compliance and account management.

Go beyond financial reporting to get actionable management reports that help drive performance and profitability.



Obtain an integrated QuickBooks or NetSuite centric smart office to automate and streamline all of your financial processes, procedures and systems.

Outsourced Accounting Custom Pricing Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is outsourced accounting?

Outsourced accounting is a service which provides a full, accounting department experience for small businesses. An accounting department handles the day-to-day transaction coding, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, management financial reporting and many other services.

Why do companies outsource?

Cost savings, focusing on core business functions, and solving capacity issues are primary drivers to outsource. Leading organizations use outsourcing to drive transformational change and improve business results.

If you are like most business owners and CEOs, you take full pride in the services or products your company provides. You want to focus your time and energy on business strategy and goals. Outsourcing the accounting department to a dedicated, highly skilled professional services firm allows you to do exactly that. By outsourcing your accounting to ProNexus, you will save valuable time in your day, reduce operating costs and gain peace of mind.

Will I lose control of my business by outsourcing my bookkeeping?

No! You will have more control since you will have accurate, up-to-date financial statements at all times. You will become a more nimble and flexible business instead of simply reacting to triggering events.

Do you replace my current CPA?

No. We are offering to take away your bookkeeping headaches. Your current accountant will be grateful for accurate data that he or she can use to help you build more wealth and grow your business.

Does my CPA have access to my books if using your online service?

Only with your permission! By allowing your accountant to access your data, your accountant can review or change your data files while you are also using the accounting software. This can be accomplished without you having to make a backup or having to stop using the system while your accountant is working on your data. You can continue with your work without any interruptions. No more running backup flash drives to your accountant. This alone adds up to a huge savings in time and money.

Why hire ProNexus for our outsourced accounting verses my CPA firm?

We are not just CPAs. Our staff is made up of accounting managers, controllers and CFO’s that have worked in private business and nonprofits. We are also FP&A professionals that don’t just look at the past but analyze a businesses’ future. We are forward looking. CPAs tend to be backwards looking. We have experts in every industry (not just accounting experts). We have experience in Public & Private, Start Ups, Early Stage, Growth, Mature and Distressed Company Situations. We have a flexible and focused pricing model. We do not just charge by the hour like CPA firms. Many of our consultants have also worked in non-accounting functions including, IT, Operations, HR or have been entrepreneurs who had to make a payroll. We are more rounded than your average CPA.

What does outsourced accounting cost?

Virtual accounting services through ProNexus are cost competitive, and you will find the value you’re receiving will be much greater when using our resources. You will also be able to save hiring and training costs, and will no longer have to pay for office space, phone lines, PTO or other employee benefits associated with in-house staff. Best of all, you will not have to manage the resource. Contact us for a risk-free, no fee estimate or download our free custom pricing assessment to learn more.

How can outsourced accounting offer so much more value for my money?

We are experts. Basic finance and accounting is the core of our business. We assign duties to our staff members who are best skilled to accomplish the task. Finally, we have developed systems and procedures for our staff, and have trained our staff in these processes and methods. This makes us far less vulnerable to employee turnover than you would be with an in-house bookkeeper.

Do I have to outsource all of my accounting in order to take advantage of the service?

No, you do not have to outsource all of your accounting. Our service is flexible and can fill in the gaps when needed. While outsourcing the entire accounting operations ProNexus may potentially give you the highest cost savings and allow the most efficient workflows and software utilization, it is not always necessary. We have clients that have competent staff level employees but need senior level advice from a controller or CFO. On the other hand, we have clients that have a good Controller/CFO but would like some help on the day-to-day processing side (AP, AR, Cash Management, Billing, etc.) so that senior level employees don't get bogged down on transactional work.

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