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To us it's simple...

"Do things the right way. For the right reasons. Good things will follow."

Enterprise Resource Planning


Systems aren't just a matter of IT. They are a matter of ROI.



Any efficient IT system should help you better understand your business and provide timely information.

Our expert IT consultants give you the assistance and advice you need to get the most from your system at every phase of its life cycle – from implementation to development to optimization. And we keep your vendors honest, too.

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Systems Evaluation, Selection, Implementation, and Optimization

We help companies across industries create optimal digital environments aligned with their technical capacity, business requirements, employees' needs, and customers' expectations.

We bring a business-aligned view of ERP implementations. We help you map the risks and opportunities of ERP solutions, which include lifecycle impacts. We believe that collaborating with you in choosing the right solution and lifecycle planning, proactively accommodates short and long-term business goals, planning for change, and mitigating risk while ensuring a higher ROI.

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Our consultants assist in selecting the right technology stacks for your solutions. Be it a programming language or a ready-to-use platform, we help review technology pros and cons before starting a project.

- Risk-based process approach to design that integrates business requirements with system functionality

- Cohesive approach for data migration, cleansing, analysis, and conversion of data

- Proven methodology for quality application development and testing procedures

- Software expertise to ensure best practices

We help companies draw up their short- and long-term software implementation roadmaps. We advocate reasonable software investment while ensuring smooth business transformation through custom solutions and safe adoption.

- Process efficiency through underutilized functionality

- The expertise of multiple implementations versus consultants who are learning on the job

- Flexible and accurate reporting

Technology Consulting Approach

Our team supports businesses at different stages of their software development and implementation projects. We have the skills and expertise to shape early concepts into detailed solution specifications. We also manage full-cycle development of enterprise systems of any complexity and integrate them smoothly into business processes and IT infrastructures.

From Idea to Technology

We support companies with new ideas about their business digitalization. As a technology consulting company, we assess the viability of the initial idea and consider the most optimal tech stack for its realization.

From Technology to Project Plan

We conduct a business analysis to align the validated idea with actual business operations and draw up a relevant development and implementation plan.

From Project Plan to Implementation

Sticking to the project plan and the selected engagement model, we design and configure custom software according to the discussed requirements. Upon request, we provide a long-term strategy for post-deployment software maintenance and upgrade.

Key Differentiators

We work across the spectrum of ERP platforms to bring a best-of-breed solution that will match client business needs and work within their environments, leveraging their unique competitive advantages and business processes.

Engagement Options

  • Advisory

  • Implementation

  • Turnkey Solution

  • Partnership

  • Staff Augmentation

ERP Services Case Study

CIO Services

Our IT leadership gives you instant agility.

Business today isn't just about satisfying customers' needs. It's about anticipating them. And even more importantly, being nimble enough to act on them quickly. Doing this takes keeping information accessible and secure, developing smart, efficient IT systems, managing IT costs, investments, and resources - and ultimately, using information technology as a business advantage. Big companies do it with chief information officers. But your small-to-midsize company can turn to us for C-level IT expertise focused solely on your success.

Typical Engagements:

  • Management of Day-to-Day Technology Functions

  • Organizational & System Assessments

  • Part-Time CIO, IT Director, and IT Management Services

  • Software Selection

  • Merger and Divestiture Management

  • Special Projects

How Our IT Professionals Work:

  • Vested extension of your executive team and natural complement to your advisory team or board of directors

  • Speak the language of business

  • Make objective, independent recommendations on products and vendors

  • Mindful of the significance and nuances of organizational and operational change

  • Innovate strategic business opportunities leveraging information technology

  • Explore the feasibility and desirability of pursuing strategic initiatives with which information technology plays a significant role

The accelerating rate of change in business puts continual pressure on leaders to either keep up or fall behind the competition. Having proper information technology systems in place is critical to keeping up. Utilizing the power of IT requires CEOs to know whether their technical resources will position them for success, or break under gradual pressure. Using surveys, interviews, and our industry, business and technology expertise, our efficient IT assessment provides insight into your system's strengths and weaknesses, so you have the knowledge you need to build a strong IT foundation.

Your high-level management report includes:

- Executive Summary: Observations & Recommendations

- Information Gaps

- Achievable Benefits and Investment Requirements

- Risk Managemet Points

- IT Organization and Governance Review (optional)

- Specific Recommendations for Solutions Worth Further Consideration (optional)

- System Security and Controls Review

- Advisory Board Participation

- IT Steering Committee Participation

- IT Strategy, Planning, and Innovation

- IT Vendor Management/Contract Management

- Quality Assurance Reviews and Health Checks on projects and IT organization

- ERP System Evaluation, Selection, Implementation

- Project Management/Change Management

CIO Services Case Study

Project & Program Management

Helping you see major IT projects through.

IT projects can demand significant time, budget or resources - especially when you don't have them. That's where we come in. We provide the intellectual horsepower, technical skills, and focused dedication to manage and support major IT and business projects from concept to reality - through a logical, manageable, well-communicated process.

Typical Engagements:

Project Assessments

  • Assess current capabilities against industry standards and best practices

  • Establish corrective action plans to address findings and risks

Project Process Optimization

  • Align project delivery processes with business objectives

  • Realize consistent processes, key metrics, and reporting for early exposure to project issues and risks

On-Site Staff Augmentation

  • Augment team with onsite Project Managers to address risks or execute on projects or programs from conception to reality

  • Coach client Project Managers through various knowledge transfer methodologies

  • Co-Sourcing Services

Project Management Office (PMO) Development

  • Protect project schedules and budgets through standard governance, communication, operating discipline, and project management best practices

  • Provide summary monitoring, reporting, and escalation

project management case study