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How To Drive Profitability With Limited Resources
for Your Business


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8 Steps to Maximize Margins and Meet Customer Demand


Businesses need to make smart decisions about their products to stay profitable in a volatile economy. Product rationalization, or assessing which items should be kept and which should be removed, is an essential part of this process.

Companies should also allocate resources such as finances and personnel to the highest-performing SKUs in order to maximize revenue, profits, and cash flow.

Overall, product rationalization is an important tool for businesses during both good times and bad.

Download this guide to understand the value of product rationalization and learn how your business can leverage this to thrive and grow.

         Table of Contents

      • Introduction

      • How Scarcity Leads to Tough Decisions

      • 8 Steps to Evaluate Your Product Portfolio

      • Managing Your Product Portfolio With a Unified System

      • Conclusion


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